iTero Scanner

Tero Digital Scanners have revolutionized the process of clear aligner treatment like Invisalign, streamlining it with precision and accuracy. This groundbreaking technology has replaced the old method of taking physical impressions of the teeth with a more efficient and comfortable process.

The first step in any clear aligner treatment, such as Invisalign, is to take accurate impressions of the patient’s teeth. This used to be a messy and often uncomfortable procedure involving dental putty. However, the introduction of iTero Digital Scanners has made this process significantly more comfortable and precise.

Instead of using putty, your dental technician will use the iTero scanner, a handheld device, to take digital scans of your teeth. They will run the scanner along the top, sides, and bottom of your teeth, capturing thousands of images per second. This is a non-invasive and painless process that only takes a few minutes, making it much more comfortable for the patient than traditional methods.

As the scanner moves around your mouth, it creates a highly detailed, 3D digital model of your smile in real-time. This model can be rotated and viewed from various angles, providing a comprehensive view of your teeth’s current condition. This allows your orthodontist to design a fully custom treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

The result of this advanced scanning technology is high-quality dental scans that allow for the creation of clear aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. These aligners are designed based on the exact contours of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable fit and effective treatment.

iTero Outcome Simulator

Want to see what your smile will look like once your treatment is complete? iTero Digital Scanners also offer the advantage of being able to forecast the outcome of your Invisalign treatment. Using the digital model of your smile, the software can simulate the movement of your teeth over time, giving you a preview of your new smile even before you start your treatment. This software is not only integral to treatment planning but also helps patients understand what their smile will look like at different stages of the treatment process.

SmartForce® Attachments

Tiny, tooth-colored attachments are sometimes temporarily affixed to a few teeth before and during Invisalign treatment. Using attachments allows for complex tooth movements and aids aligners in applying the right amount of force in the right direction. These attachments are designed to be as discreet as possible, and they do not damage teeth. Elastic bands can also be used to provide extra bite correction. My Virtual Smile is the only low cost treatment option that uses original Invisalign material with SmartForce attachments to achieve high quality results.