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Why Invisalign®?

The truth behind why we use Invisalign is that it’s the best clear aligner available.

Invisalign has been around for over 25 years. 

Invisalign is the most highly tested and developed aligner system available.

Invisalign has treated over 12 million cases in the last 25 years—no other aligner comes close.

Invisalign’s iTero digital scans create the most technically advanced digital models of teeth available.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

iTero® Digital Scans

Clear aligner therapy requires impressions of the teeth to be taken so that custom aligners can be created. Your technician will run a digital scanner along the top, sides, and bottom of your teeth, which is a comfortable process that only takes a few minutes. A digital model of your smile will be created as the scanner works, and the result is high-quality dental scans and clear aligners that fit perfectly.

SmartForce® Attachments

Tiny, tooth-colored attachments are sometimes temporarily affixed to a few teeth before and during Invisalign treatment. Using attachments allows for complex tooth movements and aids aligners in applying the right amount of force in the right direction. These attachments are designed to be as discreet as possible, and they do not damage teeth. Elastic bands can also be used to provide extra bite correction. My Virtual Smile is the only low cost treatment option that uses original Invisalign material with SmartForce attachments to achieve high quality results.

iTero® Outcome Simulator

Want to see what your smile will look like once your treatment is complete? Our Outcome Simulators can create a digital simulation of how each individual tooth will be shifted until they finally reach their ideal positions. This software is an essential part of treatment planning, but it also allows patients to get a better sense of what their teeth will look like during different stages of their treatment process.

Your Expert Team

Dr. Nelson has decades of experience creating straight, beautiful smiles in northern Colorado. He has been recognized by Invisalign as one of their prestigious Top 100 Providers in the world and is the #1 Invisalign provider in the region. In addition to Dr. Nelson’s exceptional work, our offices are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable Invisalign technicians who are available to conduct consultations and regular check-ups as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have. We always want your experiences with us to be pleasant and productive!

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